Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lolas to Puffy Applier Converter

Multiple versions exist in Lolas Tango Applier.

With the new version of Lolas Tango Applier,
you may the colors are not displayed correctly.

In order to solve the problem, please use this HUD.

Distributed free of charge at our store.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

MainStore has moved

Zap! Main Store has moved

Was created as the interior of the shop,
it is a stepping stone type pose stand (1prim).
I has been distributed as a free gift.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fitted Puffy! FAQ

Fitted Puffy! to unintended behavior

Fitted Puffy is a product that uses a new technology of secondlife. May be harmed by the use environment.
It depends not only on your viewer, and the environment graphics board, such as a driver.

Fitted Puffy! can not see.

Your Viewer may not correspond to Fitted Mesh.
The version of Viewer which is carrying out checking of operations by us is as follows.
    Second Life 3.7.7 (289461) Apr 22 2014 13:01:33 (Second Life Release)
    Firestorm 4.6.1 (40478) Mar 10 2014 02:44:13 (Firestorm-Release) with Havok support

Bounce of Fitted Puffy! Looks funny.

Behavior of Physic's broken, there may be a problem in your environment.
Please check the behavior of Physic in the state without an attached Fitted Puffy!.
In addition, please use the official Viewer of the latest version.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fitted Puffy! FAQ

Applier of the nipple does not apply.

There is no "Nipple layer" to Fitted Puffy!.
Please use the Applier the Nipple is drawn to the skin.

Parts that are not reflected in the texture Skin Applier appears.

Texture is not compatible with the avatar UV map that is used in Second Life has been used.
Either use the Applier other, please contact the manufacturer Applier

Gap will appear in the body and Fitted Puffy!.

Please try to adjust the value of the addition of the Shape and Body-Fat.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fitted Puffy! Manual

Fitted Puffy! is Fitted and Rigged mesh breasts
Three layers of clothing , top / bra / tattoo
Access control by the Fitted Puffy! Setting File
Easy to use HUD and DIALOG interface
SL UV map compatible clothes,tattoo and skin
Compatible with the configuration file for the Lolas Tango
Overall Applier summarizes the top / bra / tattoo / skin

***How to use***
Please attach choose the Fitted Puffy! Inventory.
The default is the attach point of the spine.
Fitted Puffy! can not adjust the position so Rigged Mesh.
In order to operate the Fitted Puffy!, Use the Dialog Menu and HUD.

Please be sure to run the first time only.
Say chat command
/8888 reset

***color matching***
Fitted Puffy! Includes the DEFAULT 4 skins.
You can adjust the color using the ColorPicker HUD.
If you seek further matching to your skin tone, please try the Applier of your Skin shop.
(Compatible with Tango Applier)

***Layer Switch***
If you make a Take off clothes / wear, you need to switch layer.
There is 4 layer (top / bra / tattoo / skin) of Fitted Puffy!.
They can switch the display in the Dialog or HUD.

>>How to use Dialog Menu
>>How to use ColorPicker HUD

Order of the layer is not displayed correctly?
It is a bug in the viewer.
Appearance from the others and you might have different.
Please try to be the correct view in the following way.
  layer switching ON / OFF
  Detach / Attach of Fitted Puffy!
  Edit Fitted Puffy!

***Change of clothes***
When you want a change of clothes, please use the Applier.
Compatible with Tango Applier. Please be justified as necessary.

>>How to use Applier

***Shape slider control***
Shape of Fitted Puffy! To follow the Shape Slider.
If you want to change the shape of the Fitted Puffy!,
Please Edit the Shape value mainly the following.

  Breasts Size
  Breasts Buoyancy
  Breasts Cleavage

Recommended value of 30-70 breasts size of the Shape
Please adjust yourself and others

Attached the full permission of the texture alpha.
Please use by modifying.

***Physics support***
Please wear SL Physics To make a bounce Fitted Puffy!.
Please Edit SL Physics.

***Access control***
It is possible to communicate with a number of note cards in Fitted Puffy!,
Then, in order to allow the operation to another, setting the note card.

<Setting File>
If there is a # at the beginning of a line, it does not process.
Shown in upper case all the commands in the Seting file.

Skip the update process.

@LAYER number
Set the number of listen layer command.

Allowed user UUID
Lists the UUID of the user to allow the operation.
Allowed users is available is layer commands and dialog.

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How to use Fitted Puffy! Colorpicker HUD

Fitted Puffy! Colorpicker HUD performs switching layer and color change.

***Colorpicker HUD Menu***
[Minimize HUD]
    Display HUD Button
[Display HUD]
    Minimize HUD Button
    Hue and Saturation Area
    Luminance Area
    Current Color Area
    Color Palette
        Save Slot1 Button
        Save Slot2 Button
        Save Slot2 Button
        Save Slot2 Button
        Restore Slot1 Area and Button (Display saved color slot1)
        Restore Slot2 Area and Button (Display saved color slot2)
        Restore Slot3 Area and Button (Display saved color slot3)
        Restore Slot4 Area and Button (Display saved color slot4)
    Layer Switch
        Nipple ON
            Skin Button
            Tattoo Button
        Nipple OFF
            Skin Button
            Tattoo Button
            Bra Button
            Top Button

***Color Palette***
You can save four colors. To restore when using the and color that you saved.

***Layer Swith***
Switching of the layer is a button click
Button on the layer of the display state is brighter
Button of hidden layers state dark

If the button is not visible ?
please try to right-click to edit this HUD

>>Fitted Puffy! Manual 

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